Color, camping make fall tourism strong in Wisconsin

Color, camping make fall tourism strong in Wisconsin
UNDATED (WSAU) — Labor Day is gone, but Wisconsin tourism is not really slowing down much. That's according to Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett, who says there are many ways the family can enjoy fall in Wisconsin. Klett says Wisconsin is consistently …
It's not too late to plan a camping trip for Labor Day weekend in Muscatine County
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MUSCATINE, Iowa — Many camping enthusiasts will tell you to reserve Labor Day campsites months in advance, but it's never too late to enjoy a weekend outdoors. With many campgrounds and recreation areas close to Muscatine, there are many options for …
Maryot Savovie Stevens, Chiron Corp. “If you decide to replace agents, you do not have to go back to one of the squares.
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Sybase Inc. is the leader in customer / server software with over $ 15 million annually T & E budget. Sybase Inc. Robert Lerner, director of credit and corporate travel services, said: “The software gives us a great deal of opportunity to look at our travel expenses and negotiate with travel service providers.” In real-time environments, which allow us to save a lot of money, we now control the travel information and we are not dependent on agents and airlines. ”
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The cost of that privilege depends on the business volume. One-time purchase of Travel Management software may cost from $ 100 to $ 125,000. Some software providers will pay $ 50 for a $ 5 to $ 12 traded price each time a small user of software sells.
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Paperless travels often faster than a non-clerical officer because service providers and consumers try to reduce the cost of tickets for joint passengers. Perhaps the most advanced advances, almost all the major airlines are “free” travel.
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In addition, travel agencies and agencies use travel books for Internet travelers, as well as electronic and non-formal books. Best Western International, Hyatt Hotels and many major hotel chains are on the Internet market. These services reduce paper demand and provide better service such as efficiency, travel costs and directions, cost reduction and peripheral profits.
Dennis Egolf, director of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Louisville, is at the heart of a medical center, about a mile away from the hospital. “We lost the production time and things disappeared,” she says. “Each memo should be approved for approval, and we have requested seven trips.” As a result, Egolf has tested a federal government certified software package.
The program allows you to check the cost of accruing expenses and reimbursing costs to manage the hospital online, calculate costs and generate cash advance forms. The software also stores hospital costs and other travel budget information.
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“Today, the system for all practical purposes is free,” says Egolf, “helping to reduce software reductions by 93%,” he said. “The ultimate goal was to attract paperwork,” he said. and because of the accuracy of the software. ”
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If only $ 6,000 was invested, the hospital saves $ 70 per worker and saves half the T & E budget at $ 200,000 by reducing the paper money.
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